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Religion Is Nonsense

by Active Minds

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The clergy take the roles Of the shepherds of our souls. It’s arseholes who are drawn to it And arseholes who let them do it.
There’s kids out there who carry knives – Who deal in drugs, and threaten lives. There’s kids out there who ride with gangs – Exploited by men with sinister plans. Where have all the children gone? Forced to grow up far too soon. What the fuck have we done? There’s kids out there playing games – Sadistic murder amongst their aims. There’s kids out there who are nervous wrecks, Who’ve been blackmailed into online sex. There’s kids out there who’ve been witness to Things that would horrify me and you. Nightmare visions fill their thoughts – Their innocence stolen and their childhood cut short.
These days it’s easy to accuse. It’s easy to abuse. You can hide behind anonymity so there’s nothing much to lose. These days some people are so vile – spreading so much hateful bile. There’s an outlet for these comments that are really not worthwhile. From vicious scorn to revenge porn – it’s a trial by social media. They’ll make you wish you’d never been born – it’s a trial by social media. Kids today grow up so fast in a world of social media. How long do you think you’d last in a trial by social media? These days young people get so stressed, and some get so depressed. It’s hard to cope with all the things they mentally ingest. These days there’s bullying online – it happens all the time. Do we have to wait ‘til kids self-harm before we draw the line? Small minds are turned on others to make their own lives feel less small. Do they think about the consequence of what they do at all? Some may think they’re funny, but do they think of the effect That their words may have on those whose reputations have been wrecked?
“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.” “Tell me more, my son.” A “celibate” man, an innocent youth – An incendiary situation. The word of the Father must be obeyed, And those around turn a blind eye. So many victims have been betrayed – Isn’t it time to find out why? And the word of the Father must be obeyed. In the name of the Father they are betrayed. The word of the Father. Such is the scale of this exploitation That it inevitably leads to the conclusion That this abuse must be institutional In a hierarchy that’s entirely dysfunctional.
Step One 00:59
To be honest and sincere is to be subversive When the system’s based on corruption and lies.
Pedestal 02:27
They say it’s best not to meet your heroes – Surely better to have none at all. The more you elevate someone, The more likely they are to fall. Don’t put yourself or others on a pedestal. Everyone has their faults. Nobody is infallible – Even those whose achievements Are so admirable.
When I was growing up we were taught to fear the unknown – That half the world had values very different from our own. The West feared the East, and always assumed the worst. Whatever we believed they must think the reverse. Across the divide, a similar story unfurled – That of millions of people intent on destroying the world. Now much of the Iron Curtain has been pulled aside. We can speak to the people that our rulers had wanted to hide, And we see that the difference was never so great – We have similar dreams and can simply relate. A menace which always seemed to hang in the air Turned out to be a phantom – it was never really there. But now once again we are afraid, And some find political capital to be made By turning that fear into anger and hate Against innocent people with enough on their plate. But a handful of fanatics do not represent The mass of the people and their sentiments. We all need to learn tolerance and respect – It’s what we should give and, in turn, expect. Why can’t we see that most people seek the same thing – A peaceful life and the security that it will bring? To live a life not dominated by fear. To have comfort, and laughter, and our loved ones near. There is more that unites us than that holds us apart – If we realise this it will be a start.
With pint in hand and mouth unleashed we get the benefit of your views – A stream of reactionary bullshit is the diatribe that ensues. You don’t respect women or anyone of another race, And your homophobic bigotry is a total disgrace. You’re a fucking idiot. Yes, you are. Yes, you are a tough guy – people feel intimidated. So they don’t stand up to you whilst you’re spouting off your hatred. Nobody’s ever challenged you since you were a youth, So maybe it’s about time that you were told the truth. You’re a total fucking idiot – yes, you are.
You’d better make way for the Ritalin generation – Hyperactive kids who’ve had computer games from birth. Junk food and junk culture are sweeping the nation – Draining kids brains of all that they’re worth. What are we doing to our children To have them on drugs at such a tender age? Modern life messing with their minds so badly That we have to place them in a chemical cage. Everyone’s worried about drugs in the schoolyard, But the pills from the doctor don’t cause such concern. Don’t take a look at the lifestyle or diet, Just fix it with tablets – that’s the lesson to learn.
I don’t care what your invisible friend has to say. Religion is fucking nonsense.
Imagine a boot stamping On a human face forever. Is this a vision of the future? Imagine endless children crying – Their stomachs bloated with hunger and pain. Is this a vision of the future? Imagine poisoned rivers – Their waters spreading deadly disease. Is this a vision of the future? Imagine a world of peace, With everyone having what they need. Why can’t this be a vision of the future?
Where are you going? Are you really in control of the life that you live? What are you doing? Are you fully conscious of the signals you give? Are you really thinking? Are your actions the result of your own decision? Are you really living, Or are you kept in your place by the fear of derision? Everything you say and everything you do Is a statement about what is important to you. Make sure you know that, and use your time well. Everyone should have their own story to tell. What are you saying? Have you considered what your own actions mean? What are you wanting? A chance for a better world can be more than just dreams. What are you thinking? I’m sitting here waiting for your contribution. What are you giving? Are you part of the problem, or part of the solution?


released February 1, 2019


all rights reserved



Active Minds Scarborough, UK

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