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The Freedom Of The Borough

by Active Minds

Jimmy and Pete were the best of mates – A pair of filthy reprobates. Behind the false and creepy smiles Lay predatory paedophiles. Larger than life personas hiding sordid, depraved acts – Never letting their public images be tainted by the facts. They had the Freedom of the Borough. Each was a living institution. With influential friends they were immune from prosecution. No one ever acted upon what the victims said. Now the truth’s come out when it’s too late and these sick fucks are dead. Jimmy and Pete were as thick as thieves, With lots of sly tricks up their sleeves. They made sure they were never caught Thanks to the friendships they had bought. So many accusations over oh, so many years – All of them kept falling on deaf institutional ears. When Savile died, they lined the streets to pay their last respects, As if he was fucking royalty and we were his subjects. “It was good while it lasted” was what he wanted on his grave. Well, I hope it’s covered in dog shit… Oh, Scarborough – so much to answer for…
The left need some new answers to address the people’s plight, because the poor are in danger of being seduced by the right. When they feel they have no future, and they’re caught in a trap with only short-term work and housing – all their options look like crap. The left need some new answers to address the people’s plight. A modern, “flexible” economy will have little appeal if you don’t have the skills or aptitude to negotiate a good deal. Those at the bottom of the pile will always need to be protected from being left to live in shit if they find they are rejected. “Post-truth” can sound like arrogance from a political elite whose macro-economic view ignores the realities on the street. The left need some new answers to the problems of today, because if the far right rise to fill the void then we’ll all have to pay.
“Join the army – see the world.” They don’t say that you could be killed. A hero’s welcome for the lads – Ship them home in bodybags. Do you think your loved ones will feel pride When they hear that you have died?
To collect a million virtual friends Is as challenging and meaningful As collecting pubic hairs from your carpet. What will you do when you’ve reached your goal? To collect a million virtual friends Is as vacuous and pointless As counting the number of bricks in your high street. There’s a real world outside your window, don’t you know?
I have a theory - it belongs to me, And it doesn't matter if you don't agree. What do you have to say? What do you have to give? What part do you want to play? How do you want to live? I have a philosophy and it is mine - Who I try to be, it helps to define. Don't be intimidated by other people's jeers. We all need to develop our own ideas.
Do you have something to hide? Do you? The so-called “security” measures That the Government’s introduced in the last few years Have the effect of making us feel less secure And of compounding our fears. Do you really feel safe in the knowledge That loaded guns are being placed in the hands Of potentially trigger-happy undercover police With fallible chains of command? Don’t give me that shit about having no fear If you have nothing to hide. Had Jean Charles de Menezes done anything wrong Right up to the time that he died? When civil liberties campaigners have become the object of scorn, and “liberal” and “do-gooder” become terms of abuse, then a new fascist state can be born.
You say we’re becoming an Islamic state – You think that can justify all of your hate. I’d expect more intelligence from one of my turds. Your so-called “opinions” are too shit for words.


released May 4, 2018


all rights reserved



Active Minds Scarborough, UK

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