Turn Back The Tide Of Bigotry

by Active Minds



released September 14, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: England Doesn't Belong To You
These dickheads from the EDL – tell them all to go to hell. They declare themselves the nation’s saviour – fuck their ignorant behaviour. You’re telling us to “love it or leave it”, but who are you to tell us what to do? I’m telling you and you’d better believe it – England doesn’t belong to you. We don’t want your racist dreams – your forced repatriation schemes. Yours is the voice of bigotry. Don’t imagine that you speak for me. Yes, I was born into this place, but I don’t idealise my race. This nation is what it’s become – it doesn’t matter where we all came from.
Track Name: Lynching Party Politics
Someone came up and asked me something just the other day. What they asked took me aback – I just didn’t know what to say. They said, “If you could get away with it, who would you like to kill?” And I can honestly say that the whole idea just made me ill. Do you think it can possibly help in any situation to think about your enemies and visualise their extermination? Don’t be obsessed with vengeance, and settling old scores – such attitudes are responsible for oppression, hate and wars. A lynch-mob form of “justice” – a tooth for a tooth. In thousands of years it’s got us nowhere – look around and see the proof. Yeah, I know the World’s a mess, but I believe that the solution will come through understanding and not through violent retribution.
Track Name: Supply And Demand
They tell us they run our society on the economics of supply and demand, but what they fail to tell us is that our desires are already planned. The people who supply the goods, in order to satisfy their own greed, create fashions and demand for things that none of us really need. It’s a competitive society on which they rely, so that we will demand what they want to supply. Are you keeping up with the people next door? Don’t they have three cars? Maybe you should have four… In the interests of the money-men our desires are manipulated by trying to make us feel inadequate or that our clothes are too outdated. If you think that I’m not telling the truth, then perhaps you could explain to me who actually felt it was necessary to create half the things advertised on your TV. In a world of finite resources, there simply is no room for a society which cannot control its desire to consume. For our obsession with disposable junk we will pay a high price, because we have only one Earth and we can’t use it twice.
Track Name: Ostentatious Ignorance
Coveting the lives of the rich and famous is a new sport we play from an early age. Celebrity mags have become the new bible – showing us what to aspire to, and how to behave. The super-rich are modern role-models – obscene wealth is a mark of success. Vacuous celebrities are the new gurus – we’re encouraged to admire lives of excess. Is there anything on Earth quite as ugly as those who choose to flaunt their wealth, in a world where half the population are living in poverty and ill-health?
Track Name: Men Behaving Sadly
We don’t want to be the soundtrack to a boxing match. We don’t want to play whilst people get hit. We won’t provide the backdrop for some stupid macho ritual, so fuck off somewhere else if you want to take part in such shit. Do you think it’s fun shoving other people around? Do you think you look “cool”? Think you make a good impression? You’d better find another piper to play the anthem for your ignorance, because we won’t provide the setting for unleashing your aggression.
Track Name: Crusaders
We’re living in times of a new crusade – first stop was Afghanistan. British troops told to invade to evict the Taliban. 9/11 was an excuse – regime change the true intention. Guantanamo has found a use – a base for indefinite detention. Imperialism’s an age-old story that the “War On Terror” now justifies. Like born-again evangelists – the gleam of the righteous is in their eyes. A country which doesn’t buy into their values can’t expect to be left alone – its landscape may become the location of the crusade’s next warzone.
Track Name: Nightmare Scenario
Some people have a dream of a society where we buy all of our shopping from a list on a TV – a pushbutton world with no need to leave our homes, and a computer to talk to if you feel alone. Your dream of the way it could be sounds more like a nightmare to me. Some people have a dream of a utopian state where everyone works like a slave from early morn ‘til late. They talk of overthrowing capitalism – well, that’s fine by me, but there will be no victory unless we can also be free. Some people have a dream of a society that’s pure, with no place for ethnic minorities anymore. A uniform society – one culture and one race, with everyone scared of being out of place. Some people have a dream of a life after death, with no way of drawing your final breath. Failure to enjoy life’s reality makes people wish for immortality.
Track Name: Obligation
The greater the distance, the less empathy – is that really the way it must be? No comprehension of what others endure – we deny our involvement in the plight of the poor. Our empires were built on other people’s graves – we stole all their land and turned them into slaves. Our wealth has resulted from mass genocide. Our cities bear the scars of those who have died. The World has enough for everyone’s need, but global wealth distribution is feeble indeed. It’s not charity – it’s an obligation to repay what was stolen creating this nation.
Track Name: Walking Billboards
I saw somebody yesterday who was advertising soft drinks for the USA – a corporate logo on trendy shoes made sure everyone caught the news. I asked him how much the company had paid to have its name so prominently displayed. This must have confused the poor lad – he looked like he thought I was mad. Is it you or me who is confused, when you’re paying for the privilege of being used as a human promotion to advertise big money interests and corporate lies? Further on was a kid trying to live out his dream that he’s playing for his favourite football team – kitted out in all the proper gear that the manufacturers change four times a year. Kids don’t want a kit that’s become outdated, and are too young to realise they’re being manipulated. A slight change in design (but with the same corporate logo) – for the team and the sponsors this spells money a-go-go. The peer pressure to buy expensive football shirts hits low-income parents exactly where it hurts. And how much do you think the player has paid to have his name so prominently displayed? So, I continued walking along and I saw someone wearing a shirt with a band name on. I asked him how much the band had paid to have they’re name so prominently displayed. He told me that I’d got it wrong – he’d bought the shirt because he likes their song. I said, “And you paid 8 pounds to tell me this?” Feeling rather foolish, he answered “Yes”. Is it you who’s crazy, or is it me when you spend your money to point out to society the names of the bands whose records you like to play? Is this the most important thing that you have to say? Maybe there’s something that I have missed, but why is it that people seem to insist that their bodies are there to be used to promote other people’s skills, or products, or views? Whether it’s Man. United, or Coca Cola, or some irrelevant rock ‘n’ roller – they rely on you to spread their name, and thereby increase their fortune and fame. Through following all the latest fads you become walking billboards giving freebie ads. You make them household names, or superstars, and you pay for the privilege – what mugs you are.
Track Name: Please Do Not Feed The Egos
Don’t think of a stage as a pedestal. Don’t think of bands as your heroes. No “rockstars” and “punters”. No autograph hunters. There’s no room here for inflated egos. I don’t wanna be nobody’s hero. Be what you are.
Track Name: Democracy? Sounds Like A Good Idea To Me
The Chambers Concise Dictionary defines democracy as: “A form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people collectively, and is administered by them or by officers appointed by them: a state of society characterised by recognition of equality of rights and privileges.” Does that sound anything like the so-called “democratic” system that we live under? You must be joking… I believe in democracy, as it’s defined, which bears little resemblance of any kind to this system based on privilege and wealth where power is won by deception and stealth. The token freedoms they let us exercise are easily nullified by media lies. They give the illusion that we can determine our fate, but the options are capitalism served on three different plates. I believe in democracy, but not in this, because freedom and equality simply doesn’t exist. Every four or five years we’re given a vote – a chance to choose the hands which grip round our throat. “Put your cross in the box, and then get back to work.” Those who hold the real power – in the background they lurk knowing that tomorrow will be just like today – it’ll be business as usual, and we’ll have to pay.
Track Name: We Are Wimps
We don’t care if we are skinny. We don’t care if we’re not tough. You stupid dickhead macho arseholes think it’s clever to act rough. We are wimps – and we couldn’t care less. You’re always pushing people around – talking hard and acting big. We don’t want to get tattooed or go to a “tough guy hardcore” gig. We are wimps – but at least we’re having fun. We don’t want to have big biceps. Bodybuilding’s a waste of time. Why should I want a different body? I’m quite happy enough with mine. We are wimps.
Track Name: Resist
Resist, don’t just exist.
Track Name: Caribbean Concentration Camp
It ain’t no picnic in paradise anymore. Now they’ve made a prison for those who face no trial. A modern day concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay – a clear example to show that what we’re doing is vile. Forgotten victims of an aggressive foreign policy – were they in the wrong place at the wrong time? Captured, imprisoned and shipped halfway round the World with no evidence that they’d committed any crime. The US won’t recognise the International Criminal Court – when you look at what they’re doing is that really a surprise? The British Government’s silence is a sign of their consent – a “special relationship” that we should all despise. If this was happening in some African dictatorship would the attitude of the Government be the same? They call it diplomacy, but it’s really just hypocrisy – they should all hang their heads in shame.
Track Name: Afraid
Fear of losing face. Fear of being out of place. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being all alone. You build a flimsy wall of pretence – use ridicule as a defence. You’re proud to be “one of the men”, but scared in case you’re “one of them”. Your insecurity manifests itself in joking and laughing about “poofs” and “queers” – you mustn’t show signs of weakness in case you’re rejected by your peers. But I’m pretty sure that I know the truth – your absolute hatred is definite proof that you’re afraid. It’s nice to have someone to care – someone just to be there, and if there’s something that you ought to remember it’s that feelings aren’t controlled by gender.
If you think this doesn’t apply to you, then I think that you’re a fool. So why don’t you stop this hate? Because not one of us is totally “straight”. You’re afraid.
Track Name: Your Future
A future generation, or nuclear contamination? What do you want?