The Storm Before The Calm

by Active Minds



released May 3, 2016



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Track Name: The Storm Before The Calm
For years we’ve been deluding ourselves with economics based on fantasy. For years we’ve been shielding ourselves from a truth that we just didn’t want to see. A lifestyle based on growth without limit - however did we think that would not end? A crash was bound to come and now we’re in it - no longer any need to pretend. But don’t worry - this could just be the storm before the calm. We should have seen this coming, so there’s no need for alarm. Don’t worry. This could do more good than harm - if it leads to some new thinking it will just be the storm before the calm. An economy that was built on nothing but hot air - it was only a matter of time before it burst. We can put something better in its place, but we must discard all the failed ideas first. An unrealistic way of living is what we were brought up to expect. The real world isn’t so forgiving - that’s why the economy has been wrecked. And if we learn the lessons properly we can collectively decide that we’ll do things very differently when we’re out of the other side. Yes, the future can be better - it doesn’t have to be so bad, so long as we don’t demand the return of things we never really had.
Track Name: Undefeated
I still remember when we first gathered here - one cold December, in some long forgotten year. Our hearts were on our sleeve. Some said we were naive. The world seemed black and white, and we knew that we were right. It was plain for us to see the common enemy. I still recall the day we marched along. It was one for all - a half a million strong. The city had to stop. We felt we were on top - with so many onboard how could we be ignored? We demanded to be heard, but they didn’t heed a word. And I understand when some people lose heart, but no-one said this would be easy from the start. I understand when some feel let down, betrayed, or even cheated, but just because we’ve lost some battles doesn’t mean we are defeated. I still believe that if we don’t just take, but give, then we can achieve a better world in which to live. Yes, I know that time’s moved on, and opportunities have gone, but new ones still arise if we just open our eyes. I’m not ready to give in and let the cynics win.
Track Name: Inactive Greedy Ants
Change requires the presence of active ingredients who are willing to challenge what’s accepted as fact. But our stagnation’s the result of inactive greedy ants who sit back and consume feeling powerless to act. How do you see yourself?
Track Name: A Downturn In The Housing Market
“The housing market’s slowing down,” the worried analysts tell us. They warn of troubled times ahead - but we’re not all property sellers. Can’t they see that ordinary people can’t afford a place to live? A necessity priced as a luxury - no surprise that it’s got to give. If the property speculators find their empires collapse in a heap - if their loss helps those who are less well-off, then don’t expect me to lose sleep.