Bury The Past : Build The Future

by Active Minds



released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: An Alarm Call For A Sleeping Population
It’s time to wake up and smell the shit. The world’s a mess - we’ve got to try to change it. We’re sinking fast - there’s no time to lose. Can we turn it around? It’s for us all to choose. Natural resources are being depleted, yet we act as if the Earth must be defeated and brought under control for humankind’s use. With this attitude we place all our heads in a noose. You say, “We’re the guardians of the Earth.” Well, who appointed us such? Do you think the Earth can’t exist without humanity’s touch? We abuse it routinely, and then wonder who’s to blame when the planet starts groaning under the strain. Will we be in time to see that we must start living in harmony, or will we only realise as the human race finally dies?
Track Name: Junkies
We’re addicted to oil and all it provides - it dominates the working of all of our lives. An unhealthy addiction to a finite resource - we desperately need to alter our course. What will we do when it’s all been consumed? We must kick the habit, or we may be doomed. We need to start now - there’s no time to lose, or we’ll be going cold turkey with no other way to choose. We’re addicted to oil.
Track Name: Jackboots And Braces
Election time, and out they come - the “acceptable face” of fascist scum. Old school ties and pinstripe suits - a thin disguise of their nazi roots. A wave of the flag and a patriotic cheer. No talk of violence mentioned here - just subtle propaganda which, like a drug, fuels race hatred in their bonehead thugs. Jackboots and braces - shaved heads and knives. The master racists are no joke when they threaten people’s lives. Nazi skinheads don’t seem to be a good advert for their own philosophy. The “Master Race”? What utter shite - half of them can’t even read or write. Fuelled by the resentment and anger they feel, racist propaganda has a primitive appeal by making scapegoats and trying to show that they can never be the lowest of the low.
Track Name: What Do You Mean "Probably"?
You can’t see the wood for the trees. If you prey, there’s no-one to hear. Get up off your knees - stop living your life in fear. There is no god. Got that?
Track Name: WMD Hypocrisy
Our governments are hypocrites (now there’s a surprise). The evidence is obvious, and right in front of your eyes. They say weapons of mass destruction make other countries a threat, but when it comes to their own stockpiles they seem to simply forget. How can we make a case that these weapons are wrong, when our own countries have had them for so very long? A fortune has been squandered on these weapons of war. They prefer to threaten others than to feed the world’s poor. Well, if they’re looking for support for this policy they won’t get it from me. It’s time to rid the whole world of WMD.
Track Name: Hate Male
Like a magnet we attract them - tough guys looking for a stage on which to play their hard-man role and vent their undirected rage. A hatred of mankind that doesn’t impress me one bit - it’s just a clever way of saying that you don’t give a shit. Hate core? Fuck that! That’s not what I’m about. Misanthropy and nihilism aren’t the reasons why I shout. I want to protest against injustice and the things I feel are wrong. Ultimately, love and anger are the reasons for this song.
Track Name: Do You Really Think Grindcore Is Sexy?
“Porno grind” has got to be one of the dumbest things I’ll ever see. Sounding like a rapist isn’t cool, so grow a brain you fucking fool.
Track Name: FCUK Off
Designer labels - I’m not impressed by shock tactics aimed to catch the eye. Don’t try to tell me how I should be dressed. FCUK off and die.
Track Name: Beyond
Beyond the narrow confines of how you define sexuality - that’s where I’ve decided that I want to be. Outside the restrictions of your moralistic law there are pleasures and joys to experience and explore. My body belongs to me, and not to you. There are no limits to what I can do. Don’t bore me with lectures on the evils of sin - my mind is a free one, so you cannot win.
Track Name: Take The Bullshit By The Horns
Tell it like it is, or don’t tell it at all. Take the bullshit - take the bullshit by the horns. If you don’t see it like it is, then you don’t see it at all.
Track Name: "Power Violence" My Arse
What the fuck are people playing at inventing labels for themselves which make them sound like a bunch of rednecks - a bunch of rednecks in a lynch mob?
Track Name: Straight Jacket
This is your life, planned out for you from birth to death, through work and school. Who can be friends, and who you can love - they try to fit you like a hand in glove. Your sexuality has been decided by those who want to keep us all divided, and anyone who doesn’t want to fit must get used to being treated like shit. They want you to fit into a straight jacket. Some people try to tie you tight with their ideas of what’s morally right. Deviation is silenced with a gag - alienated with labels like “queer” and “fag”. The oppressive atmosphere that they create through insults at work leads to crimes of hate. But it’s time to make a stand and say that we don’t have to look at life in only one way. We don’t have to fit into a straight jacket.
Track Name: Imminent Death
Every day people are living in fear - innocent people, living under the threat of war.